Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My First Relief Prints.

Let me show you the first prints I've done. Please click on the pictures for a detailed look.

Suklay (Comb). This is my first ever woodcut. The relief was cut from pine plywood, using traditional woodcutting tools and a DremelĀ® powerdrill. My professor at the time appraised this block to around one thousand dollars. I was thrilled! I gave away the edition to some close friends for Christmas, while saying, "$1k gift, $1K gift" in jest.

Detail of window. Because I didn't carve deep enough in some areas, some ink appeared on the window tiles. This serendipitously gave a "translucent" effect of light shining through capiz shells that traditional windows are made out of. I've also done limited prints on washi--which was neat because the texture tied it up to the bucolic feel I was going for.

Fish. I wasn't going for a traditional koi illustration in this linocut. The collaborative class theme was "body parts" and a idea of a lonely fish being taken out of a school of fish popped in my head. (The intent was to be comical, else the rope lasso idea would be rather odd, don't you think?). Metallic light blue + navy blue ink on Rives.

I wonder how my style will develop as I generate more prints in the future? Right now I do know that my next themes would probably be more traditional (well, unless I make odic ones using my unlikely muse). I also still have an unfinished series on MANGOES, the world's perfect fruit, but I'll have to show that later.

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Blogger charmaine said...

i have never seen your work before, but these are just sheer amazing!
Sugoy Neh!

1:45 AM  
Blogger peter kocak said...

hello Shei,i like the "wind",can imagine as woodcut in stormy engraved strokes in background:) you can see my work on www.pulib.sk/kocak cheers pietrocelli

2:12 AM  

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